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Why do some of you insist on posting things that happen on TV BEFORE it is aired on the west coast. I know some of you are excited about people winning etc, but for Christs Sake. Can you please wait a freaking day! Its ridiculous! Some of us like to read livejournal WHILE we wait for our shows to come on, and people being douche's isn't really fun. K.Thanks. :)
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It has been quite a long time since I have posted anything. Im sorry Livejournal. I have been cheating on you. With Facebook. I still love you, but facebook just makes me smile more, and entertains me. :) I will make an effort to post more often.

Well, its my birthday today, once again. wow. I can't believe another year has passed! A LOT of changes in my life this past year, more than any other year I think. I decided on a career path, and am beginning school for nursing/physicians assistant/nurse practitioner. Not quite sure which one I will end up doing, but they are require the same path. I start school in 2 weeks, and am unbelievably excited and scared shitless, but I will get through it, and be a better person because of it.

David and Ray moved to DC. That was very hard for me, but I handled it so much better than I ever thought I would. I miss David a lot (and Ray), but I think in a way, it was a good thing for them to go, for me. It has allowed this sense of renewal in my life, and opened a new chapter for me. But occasionally, I think about David not being here, and I feel a pain in my heart, and that sucks. He was (is) my best friend, and it is hard to not be able to see him or hang out with him when I want. Oh well. I am just too sensitive.

I watched all 6 hours of Angels In America last night, and was so touched by it. What a beautiful, sad, inspiring story. It is so wonderfully written. I must do this show sometime.

I saw "DRAG ME TO HELL" yesterday too. It was pretty kickass. I enjoyed it. I was very disappointed when I learned it was only PG-13, but it turned out to be okay, and still pretty scary. There are some awesome scenes, and it was very funny. A good mix of horror and comedy, and it was very well made. I highly recommend it.

I guess thats all for now. I hope everyone is well, and happy. :)

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Just got home from seeing Kathy Griffin live. She was taping her new Bravo TV Special here in Portland. She was pretty fucking funny! :)

Best bit of the night- "Miley Cyrus is a WHORE! Why else would she be so SORE all the time? She is a WHORE! WHORE WHORE WHORE! Im just kidding, her dad uses lube everytime her fucks her! " HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So funny!

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I had 2 moles removed today... one of which was on my scrotum! I have 3 stitches in each! It is awful!, and it hurts!

I would post pics, but I doubt anyone wants to see the boys in this condition!

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I had a wonderful Christmas. I got some pretty awesome gifts, and I survived driving in this crazy snow. It was pretty scary, but I only got stuck once.

Thanks to Dave and Ray for being such wonderful roomates.

Oh... and I just have to say that I FUCKING love TRUE BLOOD! The HBO show as well as the books they are based on. SO GOOD!!!!!!

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Hey Everyone!

I am starting to really enjoy sitting down with a good book again, and I am hoping you can send some good book ideas my way! I enjoy reading all sorts of books! So, if you can recommend a good book or two, I would appreciate it! :)


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I will make this short...

I went and saw Spring Awakening with David and Ray on Friday night. I have had the cd for awhile, and I love the music, and I was REALLY excited to see the play. I have to say, that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It was a very exhilirating night at the theatre, for sure. I was very moved, and was very impressed by the talent of the young actors. The story was great, the music was rocking, and I was stunned by the lighting. Moving into being a theatre director, my mind focuses on all of the techinical aspects of theatre now, and I was just flabbergasted by the way they used light. What a show! If you get a chance, you should definitely go.

I went and saw Quarantine and Saw 5 today with some friends. I really liked both movies. Quarantine was pretty scary, and kind of confusing in the last 10 minutes, but I was definitely on the edge of my seat. Saw 5 was actually much better than I thought it would be. I think it was my favorite of the saw films. It tied everything together, and of course there will be a 6th! haha.

Well, that wasn't exactly short... but just an update! :)

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I went to Celine Dion's TAKING CHANCES tour last night here in Portland, OR.
I have a lot of admiration for her, not only because of her incredible voice, but because she rose from poverty, and was able to turn her gift into something special. But enough of that sappy crap.

She is a crazy bitch to watch sing! Her facial expressions are frightening, and the way she talks to the audience is ridiculously cheesy. "tonight (breath breath breath) I am going to sing a song that (breath breath breath) touches my heart (breath breath breath) and makes it so hard to sing in public. (breath breath breath.) I am going to try and do it tonight (breath breath breath) for you, because you have touched my heart by coming tonight."

She also said "it has been 10 years since I have been in Portland. That is far too long. And tonight, we are going to make up for all that lost time."
BOO. It became so comical to listen to her.

BUT.. besides all that. The bitch can sing. and her concert was pretty fucking amazing. Her stage was worth the price of admission. It was in the center of the coliseum, so everyone had a great view. There was this big box that rose up and down to show videos, mostly when she had costume changes, but it was pretty awesome. There were 11 elevators. YES. 11. That brought her up and down on the stage, beneath the stage, and she was able to disappear and reappear in different places. Her dancers were great too. My favorite song of the night was her duet "The Prayer" with Andrea Bocelli. That is such a gorgeous song, and she had Andrea Bocelli on video, and they sang together. It was a bit strange, but you can't deny the beauty of that song, and it even made me well up a bit.

One thing that I absolutely HATED about the concert was, she didn't sing the songs to completion. She sang verses, and some of the songs were just medleys. I understand that she has had so many hits that its hard to sing them all at a 2 hour concert, but it seemed like just the highlights. ALSO, another very funny thing was the lighting was cued to her huge notes. Whenever she hit a big note, the coliseum would just light up. This was most represented during the song "All by myself." When she hit that HUGE note, it felt like a nuclear bomb had just been dropped on us! It was SO funny.

All in all, it was very entertaining, and I was very impressed, but I don't feel that I ever need to see her live again. :)
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Its been a very long time since I posted... Im sorry! :(

Last night I went to the Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick concert. It was pretty awesome! Cheap Trick was good, although I only recognized a few of their songs. They were entertaining and pretty funny.
Heart was FUCKING INCREDIBLE! OMG. I can't believe how good they were live! To listen to Ann Wilson's vocals on cd is one thing. To hear her live is quite another! I was blown AWAY by this woman. Wow. Their set included Magic Man, Crazy on You, a great slow version of Alone, and a really cool version of These Dreams with Nancy on the mandolin. There were other songs too, but it was way too short! Wow. I can't wait to see them headline a tour soon.

That brings us to Journey. Well. They were awesome. The lead singer is a very short filipino guy with long hair, who sounds a LOT like Steve Perry, but he isn't Steve Perry, if that makes sense. He sounded great on some songs, and then not so great on others, but those are some big shoes to fill, and over all, he did a great job. I have to say, the other members of Journey are obviously, much older now, but man, they are still HOT. The show was completely packed, and we have really great center stage seats. It was a great time.
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Damn Damn Damn.
Ending a relationship sucks.
It needed to happen, and I am relieved. But it still sucked.
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